Fiona Tomsic Opening Night May 11 6:30 – 9:30pm

Fiona Tomsic is an educator and a printmaker, this solo show will show her brilliant figurative, symbolic and evocative works not seen as this collection ever before.

Artist Statement.

Other than as an Artist, I wear many ‘hats’…….including teacher of Art and English as an additional language. Perhaps it is my days spent with my students from different cultures, my travel to Asian countries, my love of world music, and the privilege of volunteering, that allows me to meet amazing people and see incredible things, that form the base for my work. As I enter my 50th year, I have never felt so excited and ‘fed’ by my life as I do now. So what better way to celebrate than through this show.

I work with printmaking because I love the delicious differences that reveal themselves with each print. Collograph and Drypoint etchings are the focus of my printmaking work, as this allows me to explore the delicate line work and also the boldness of the shapes I enjoy so much. Ghost like figures represent the tribal influences from my years of travel. I am in no way religious but have a strong sense of spirituality which I hope is evident in my images.

I work with inks for much the same reason. Its divine range of tone excites me like no other medium. From the deepest blacks to the most delicate of pale, pale greys. My work celebrates the confidence I feel through shape and line and the fluid nature of our existence. 


hidden screen

Hidden – Opening drinks with the artists April 6 at 7:00pm

In the endless quest for confirmation and re-creation of being, three artists explore the perceived world. Hidden by veils of delusion and secrets is a perplexing enigma. Like Odysseus, like Dedalus-Bloom’s from Joyce’s Ulysses they are persistently wandering and seeking the meaning of the being. 

The Light | Klara B. Klarić
In our living communication with the world, our perception of the light / sun is a fundamental human experience that defines our consciousness and existence, here and now. 

The Fabric | Mirjana Margetić
Fabrics and female handcrafts are a working library of patterns and threading. They are visual metaphors which imbue a process to reveal the image we hold about ourself.

The ponds for Metempsychosis | Neboysha Simić
The ponds for Metempsychosis are inner, contemplative lakes and seas in which immortal Koi fish are surrounded by various fragments, shreds and remains of a world which constantly arise and disappear.

Exhibition Dates: March 6 – 16


Newspeak & Thoughtcrimes at the Ministry of Art – Opening night Saturday 15th October – 6:30pm

Featuring works by artist Josh Lord with sound and projection installations & performance by Ash Wednesday & Ollie Olsen supported by Kollaps.

Opening night Saturday 15th October 2016 – 6:30pm sharp for music & projection opening.

Ministry of Art. 238 St Kilda Road, St Kilda. 3182. Melbourne, Australia.

Ministry of Art


MOSS Foundation

MOSS Deck Invitational Skateboard Art Show Nov 10th – 20th

MOSS Deck Art Show
Turning Art Into Water for MOSS Foundation

Top artists from around this planet are donating their art for clean water in Swaziland.

Opening night Thursday 10th November 2016.

Ministry of Art. 238 St Kilda Road, St Kilda. 3182. Melbourne, Australia.

Major Sponsor: 
Ministry of Art




Denis Ropar Private Viewing

Denis Ropar’s pop-art genre with his references to pin-up girls and US billboards crosses the bridge between advertising and the fine-art aesthetic.

The Ministry of Art is pleased to be exhibiting Ropar’s works from May 2016 – Private viewing only. To make an appointment please contact one of either;  rutter@artministry.com.au     seater@artministry.com.au    or   ferrier@artministry.com.au



Thinn Thinn


Still Beautiful

Julia had a stroke.
Now she needs a wheelchair to go around.
She can’t eat the things she used to enjoy.
She looks at herself in the mirror and wonders – will this sickness last forever?

To us, she is still our mum. To us, she is still beautiful.

Still Beautiful is Thinn Thinn’s first solo show, inspired by her mother, Julia who is living with a disability.
Still Beautiful is a non profit art exhibition, all sales will go to BIALA – Aged Care Mental Health Unit, Monash Health.

Summer Haus in Lorne -1m x 1m

Antionette Ferwerda

Influenced by science and art, she enjoys exploring pattern and shape.

Inspiration for Antoinette comes from many things – daily life, art history, abstract expressionism, science and the natural world, architecture, her children’s drawings -  she says she simply loves to create.  An artist, wife to David and “Mum” to Tehya & Lawson, she is the creative designer behind the sold-out success of Ziporah designer towel collection. 

’Bluey Bay’ oil on canvas, 140cm. x 150cm.

Bruce Earles

Bruce Earles takes an iconic birds-eye view of the idiosyncratic nature of human movement and settlement in urban spaces. His works celebrate the idea of urban life, at the same time they describe it in an existential sense and the isolation of the individual. His investigations commonly eventuate into bold statements demanding viewer interaction.

His works are suggestive in nature, rather than descriptive, and focus on such themes as human alienation, anonymity, cultural misplacement and place-being. They maintain a sociological significance by portraying such urban issues as human conditions, community interconnectivity and the cultural dimensions of place.

Bruce’s naïve and recognisable painting style was defined in the early 1980’s as a highly influential member of Melbourne’s ‘Roar’ collective, where he worked alongside artists such as David Larwill, Pasquale Giardino and Sarah Faulkner. The ‘Roar’ collective set out to have a significant impact on the Australian art scene and works by Bruce Earles and other Roar Studios artists are still highly sought after and collected today.

For over 30 years Bruce has exhibited extensively both in Australia and overseas including Tokyo, New York, London. By winning the prestigious New York Pollock Krasner Award, Dr Earles continues to be one of Australia’s most exciting and collectable artists.

2002 Doctor of Creative Arts, University of Western Sydney
1998 Master of Arts (Honours), University of Western Sydney
1996 Master of Educational Studies, Monash University
1989 Graduate Diploma in Special Education, Melbourne University
1979 Graduate Diploma in Art Education, Monash University
1973 Diploma of Teaching, Monash University

2001 Research Grants, University of Western Sydney
2000 Pollock Krasner Award, Pollock Krasner Foundation, New York
1999 Artist in Residence, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

2013 Art Images Gallery, Adelaide 2013 Manyung at Sorrento, Melbourne
2012 Trevor Victor Harvey Sydney 
2012 LK Contemporary, Perth
2012 Soho Gallery, Sydney
2011 Soho Gallery, Sydney
2011 LK Contemporary, Perth
2010 LK Contemporary, Perth
2010 Artistry/Hogan Galleries Melbourne 
2009 Trevor Victor Harvey Sydney
2009 Artistry Galleries Melbourne
2009 Linton and Kay Contemporary, Perth
2008 Schuberts Contemporary Gold Coast
2008 Art Images Adelaide
2008 Trevor Victor Harvey Sydney
2008 Artistry Galleries Melbourne
2008 Linton and Kay Contemporary, Perth
2007 Ho Gallery, Melbourne 
2007 House of Phillips Fine Art, Sydney
2007 Paul Gullotti Gallery, Perth Art Images Gallery, Adelaide
2006 Art Images Gallery, Adelaide
2006 Paul Gullotti Gallery, Perth Art Images Gallery, Adelaide 
2005 Goya Galleries, Melbourne
2005 Qdos Gallery, Lorne
1999 Maling Gallery Casula Powerhouse, Sydney
1992 Ten Years After, Roar Studios, Melbourne
1991 Maska Gallery, Pioneer Square, Seattle
1987 Emerging Collector, East Village, New York

1985-1986 Gallery 212, Waseda, Tokyo
1983-1986 Roar Studios, Melbourne


Roy Wilkins

Roy B. Wilkins work has a whimsical quality that evokes a world that could be imagined by ‘Lewis Carroll,’ his playful expression and his colourful palette sing with whimsical shapes that express a world of mythical creatures filled with mystery and a deeper longing of the past.

Roy is an expressionist painter based in Melbourne Australia. He creates large scale mixed media paintings on canvas. Born 1 January 1964 in Greenwich, South East London. Roy settled in Melbourne in 1999 and began painting the same year. He is largely self taught with a lifelong passion for art and art history.

Roy’s paintings are created by experimentation with acrylics, ink, salt, drawing, collage, stencilling and spray paint. This is applied in layers of patterns, shapes, lines and colour. They are reworked and layered until satisfying results are revealed.


Discovery Route

Sherren Comensoli

This will be a new exhibition of Sherren’s work an interpretive and instinctive artist, fantastic new paintings created anew for the MOA show.

“There is always abstraction in my paintings regardless of the subject. Before I start any painting I am considering the environment or room setting in which it is to be placed. My paintings mostly reflect the Australian landscape – but with a contemporary translation.  I like to use many different layers and keep building the painting up slowly until I have something that is substantial & complex, but also restful”. 

ministry of art_01crownsml

Art Sale ‘Carnival’ Show – 2 Days Only

This will be our first birthday, once yearly art sale – various artists from our shows throughout the year will be offering a discounted price for their work for one weekend only.

Between the hours of 10am – 4pm on Saturday the 13th & Sunday the 14th of December all offers will be considered behind the covered gallery windows, if you want to purchase artwork for your home or as gifts for christmas then we have a solution.

The participating artists will be listed one week prior to the sale so keep an eye on our website, if you are a on our mailing list you will receive an invitation to a special early preview of the available work.

Please feel free to join our list on this website and enjoy the privileges offered.


Little Hills in the Rain

Antoinette Ferwerda

Influenced by science and art, she enjoys exploring pattern and shape.

Inspiration for Antoinette comes from many things – daily life, art history, abstract expressionism, science and the natural world, architecture, her children’s drawings -  she says she simply loves to create.  An artist, wife to David and “Mum” to Tehya & Lawson, she is the creative designer behind the sold-out success of Ziporah designer towel collection. 

Mango Drive

Klara Klaric

Landscapes from the desert heart by Klara Klaric – a road trip into the centre of the Australian bush through the eyes of an artist more used to snowy meadows, dark forests surrounded by mountains.

Her unique insight reminds me of Bowie’s “A man who fell to earth”, a freshness of view – a singularity of sight that rewards us with a series of beautiful landscapes.