Hidden – Opening drinks with the artists April 6 at 7:00pm

hidden screen

In the endless quest for confirmation and re-creation of being, three artists explore the perceived world. Hidden by veils of delusion and secrets is a perplexing enigma. Like Odysseus, like Dedalus-Bloom’s from Joyce’s Ulysses they are persistently wandering and seeking the meaning of the being. 

The Light | Klara B. Klarić
In our living communication with the world, our perception of the light / sun is a fundamental human experience that defines our consciousness and existence, here and now. 

The Fabric | Mirjana Margetić
Fabrics and female handcrafts are a working library of patterns and threading. They are visual metaphors which imbue a process to reveal the image we hold about ourself.

The ponds for Metempsychosis | Neboysha Simić
The ponds for Metempsychosis are inner, contemplative lakes and seas in which immortal Koi fish are surrounded by various fragments, shreds and remains of a world which constantly arise and disappear.

Exhibition Dates: March 6 – 16