Fiona Tomsic Opening Night May 11 6:30 – 9:30pm


Fiona Tomsic is an educator and a printmaker, this solo show will show her brilliant figurative, symbolic and evocative works not seen as this collection ever before.

Artist Statement.

Other than as an Artist, I wear many ‘hats’…….including teacher of Art and English as an additional language. Perhaps it is my days spent with my students from different cultures, my travel to Asian countries, my love of world music, and the privilege of volunteering, that allows me to meet amazing people and see incredible things, that form the base for my work. As I enter my 50th year, I have never felt so excited and ‘fed’ by my life as I do now. So what better way to celebrate than through this show.

I work with printmaking because I love the delicious differences that reveal themselves with each print. Collograph and Drypoint etchings are the focus of my printmaking work, as this allows me to explore the delicate line work and also the boldness of the shapes I enjoy so much. Ghost like figures represent the tribal influences from my years of travel. I am in no way religious but have a strong sense of spirituality which I hope is evident in my images.

I work with inks for much the same reason. Its divine range of tone excites me like no other medium. From the deepest blacks to the most delicate of pale, pale greys. My work celebrates the confidence I feel through shape and line and the fluid nature of our existence.