Thinn Thinn

Say-'NO'-to-Domestic-Violence-1500x1500 Flower-For-You-'Mum'-1600x1630mm Assisted-Web-1140x380 Mum's-friend1500x1500mm Delirium-Sketch-A4 Affected-Web-A4 Isolated-A4 Julia's-Big-Day Isolated-Web A-Broken-Smile ThinnThinn_01


Still Beautiful

Julia had a stroke.
Now she needs a wheelchair to go around.
She can’t eat the things she used to enjoy.
She looks at herself in the mirror and wonders – will this sickness last forever?

To us, she is still our mum. To us, she is still beautiful.

Still Beautiful is Thinn Thinn’s first solo show, inspired by her mother, Julia who is living with a disability.
Still Beautiful is a non profit art exhibition, all sales will go to BIALA – Aged Care Mental Health Unit, Monash Health.