Roy Wilkins

Roy B. Wilkins work has a whimsical quality that evokes a world that could be imagined by ‘Lewis Carroll,’ his playful expression and his colourful palette sing with whimsical shapes that express a world of mythical creatures filled with mystery and a deeper longing of the past.

Roy is an expressionist painter based in Melbourne Australia. He creates large scale mixed media paintings on canvas. Born 1 January 1964 in Greenwich, South East London. Roy settled in Melbourne in 1999 and began painting the same year. He is largely self taught with a lifelong passion for art and art history.

Roy’s paintings are created by experimentation with acrylics, ink, salt, drawing, collage, stencilling and spray paint. This is applied in layers of patterns, shapes, lines and colour. They are reworked and layered until satisfying results are revealed.