Michelle Scarafile – “PERSPECTIVES; form, figures & trump”


“No, it’s not a typo.  He doesn’t deserve a capital t.” Michelle says.  

“The political pieces are my way of expressing my disillusionment with #45; our current ‘leadership” and the present state of American politics.”

But, this is only one element of Michelle’s first ever exhibition in Australia. 

“PERSPECTIVES; form, figures & trump” is a presentation of political pieces, figures & portraits and the different ways symbols can take form.  

Michelle Scarafile, originally from Charleston, SC has been a Bayside resident for two years now and is currently a member of The MOA as well as Macbeth Creatives in Braeside.  

Join us on Thursday, February 6th, 2020 for drinks, canapés and an interesting, diverse body of work.