Bill Burrows

Bill Burrows

Bill Burrows

My art practice is a quirky collection of painted glimpses into my childhood, growing up on the ‘working class’streets in Melbourne’s Industrial West in the 1950’s and 60’s. 
A landscape that has now all but disappeared with gentrification and development.
“I like to create characters that illustrate tales of archetypal experience. My themes explore the Spiritual journey, metaphor and symbols of sex, fear, loss, grief, anxiety and insecurity.

“My paintings spring from my inner vision, ‘they are sensed as much as seen.
I draw inspiration from reality and mysticism.
My work deals with layers of reality, fusing myth and dream with everyday life.
Ideas of past, present and future are combined
I borrow ideas from books and other photographic sources, found images, my own childhood snapshots and references from art history, film and popular culture are among my starting points.
Through drawing and painting in this way, the layers of paint, together with the marks on the surface, an idea is brought to life on canvas.” says Burrows

I am passionate about is to explore the tension between the layers of paint, and marks on the surface, the magic when an idea is brought to life on canvas.

Solo Exhibitions
1984 – Art Directors Gallery Sydney 

1985 – Hogarth Gallery Sydney

2003 – Ho Gallery St Kilda

2005 – Art Melbourne

2006 – Art Melbourne

2007 – Ho Gallery St Kilda
 – Art Melbourne

2008 – Ho Gallery St Kilda

2009 – Red Hill Gallery Brisbane
2011 – Greenhill Galleries Adelaide

Group Exhibitions
1983 – Seal Club Melbourne

1984 – Seal Club Melbourne

1991 – Kirkaldy Davies Gallery Melbourne

2003 – Ho Gallery Melbourne

2004 – Ho Gallery Melbourne

2007 – Ho Gallery St Kilda

2008 – Ho Gallery St Kilda

2009 – Ho Gallery St Kilda
 – Green Wood Gallery Lorne

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